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A reminder to all that training begins on Tuesday, March 7th at 4:00 pm at Churchill Park. We are sure our players are busting to get started, as it is an unusually late start to the season due to Easter and school holidays.



We rely on official registration numbers to decide how many teams we will enter into each NTJSA age-group competition. It is a great help to the NLE committee if as many people as possible are registered online so we can gauge what numbers we are likely to have in each age group. Parents and guardians; we would encourage you to please register you players online via this link:

If you are unable to do this, NLE committee members will be able to provide assistance at our first training session on March 7th.



We are in the process of assigning coaches to teams. If you are interested in coaching, or know someone who is interested in coaching (uncle, aunt, grandparents, etc.) please contact club president, Joe Crawford, on 0409 010 316. We will be providing training for our coaches: Grassroots training for novice coaches and Skills Acquisition Phase training for those with more experience.



We are planning on fielding an all-girls team in the NTJSA competition. This would include players aged roughly 10-14. There is some flexibility with the ages of the players in the girls competition so if you are a player who is around this age group, or know someone who is, please contact Joe Crawford on 0409 010 316 for more information.




NLE will enter a team in the NTJSA U/16 competition this year. We would encourage all U/15 players from last year to contact each other, and coach Ben Radbone, to ensure we have as many players from last-year’s U/15 team playing together in this year’s U/16 team. As part of the U/16 competition we will have one ‘away’ game against Devonport. We are planning on providing a bus for that trip.



If you have any further questions, NLE committee members will be available to answer these at our first training session on March 7th.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact Joe Crawford on 0409 010 316



We are seeking shirt sponsors for each of our teams. If you are a business, or know of a business, that would be interested in sponsoring one, or more, of our teams please contact Joe Crawford on 0409 010 316. Sponsorship package information is provided below.


Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of NLE News. We hope you found it useful.


Go Eagles!


North Launceston Eagles Junior Soccer Club

Playing shirts sponsorship drive


North Launceston Eagles Junior Soccer Club is the only soccer club representing the northern suburbs of Launceston. We draw players from all areas ‘north of the bridges’ including, but not limited to: Invermay, Mowbray, Newnham, Mayfield and Rocherlea, as well as places such as Dilston, Lebrina and Lilydale, amongst others. In 2016 we had 15 teams playing in the Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association (NTJSA) rosters. In 2017, we anticipate having at least as many teams as we had in 2016. As well as the players; parents, siblings, guardians, uncles, aunts, grandparents and friends also regularly attend our matches.

Each weekend the NTJSA estimates that 5,000 people (2,000 players and 3,000 spectators) attend NTJSA matches. That is EVERY weekend during the soccer season, which runs from early April through to September/October. The NTJSA also draws people from as far afield as Devonport through to Scottsdale and Georgetown. While we do not have figures for other codes, we would be very surprised if any other sporting association could compete with the number of people to whom your business name would be exposed, should you choose to sponsor our club. Furthermore, our clubrooms are at Churchill Park, which is also the home of the NTJSA and the site of all NTJSA matches, which means we can offer a very high degree of promotional exposure.

We are in the process of purchasing new playing shirts for our teams. This is a costly exercise and we are asking for help from local businesses to allow us to supply as many of our teams as possible with fresh, new shirts. The following explains what we can offer and what we need. Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal.


Joe Crawford


North Launceston Eagles Junior Soccer Club

The Nuts and Bolts

What we offer

  • Physical - your business name/logo on the playing shirts of your chosen team(s).

  • Physical – your business name/logo added to the NLE Sponsor Board – displayed at our clubrooms.

  • Electronic - promotion of your business via: NLE web-site, NLE Facebook page, NLE newsletters, links to your business web-site/Facebook on each of these platforms.

  • Weekly exposure of your business to up 5,000 people each weekend of the NTJSA season.

  • Invitation(s) to club functions, including Sponsors’ Day, where you can talk shop with other sponsors or simply relax and enjoy some time with NLE.

  • Certificate of appreciation and team photo for your business.

  • Word-of-mouth promotion by NLE.


What we need from you

  • A 3-year commitment from your business. Seasons 2017-2019, inclusive.

  • In the first year, your business to provide funding for a complete, team set of playing shirts for your chosen team(s).

  • Your business to commit to 2 further years of funding, to cover the cost of replacement shirts, up to a third of the original total. If more are required, NLE will cover the expense.

  • To provide your business name/logo in electronic form to enable NLE to add these to playing shirts, NLE web-site, NLE Facebook and NLE Sponsor board.


OPTIONAL: If you pay up front (before April 1st, 2017), for all 3 seasons, you will receive a 10% discount and an NLE playing shirt, featuring your chosen name and number.



Cost of Shirt Sponsorship*


Year 1                                                              Following 2 years                   3-Year Total

U/6 teams: Shirts x 8 x $40 = $320                $110 + $110                            $540

U/7 teams: Shirts x 9 x $40 = $360                $120 + $120                            $600

U/9 teams: Shirts x 11 x $40 = $440              $150 + $150                            $740

U/11 teams: Shirts x 13 x $40 = $520                        $160 + $160                            $840

U/13 teams: Shirts x 15 x $40 = $600                        $200 + $200                            $1,000

U/15 teams: Shirts x 15 x $40 = $600                        $200 + $200                            $1,000


*All sponsorship is tax-deductible.